Not docked in Dockton – Stoking

February 14, 2010

So now I have some time on my hands. My work at Case Design seems to be drying up in a new and more earth-cracking way- the blazing economic desert of the Great Recession and the greater sand-storm of the Great American Housing Market Delusion of the Oughts have finally found their way through the optimistic and enigmatically still-open front door of the Columbia City Loft-office. I’m still rooting for this small design/build firm- wishing for camels and full canteen or two. Until then, my epic commute over the water to the city will slow to the occasional call or errand. And my other work, ideas, hopes, plans, and dreams may now have a chance and a legitimate reason to undergo further development.

The Bruja and I have no plans to move for at least a couple of months. During this grace period my focus will be to look for meaningful work and to prepare for a passage south to California at the end of this summer. The writing and logging of work and ideas I do here will be somewhat central to my focus. I hope it may help me find new work, or that new work may find me here, or that somehow, just by the virtue of this process of sharing, it will help catalyze something meaningful and valuable to me and to the world.  Architectural design and drafting will always be of interest to me, and I will of course take solid paying work if it comes, but I hope to find work in other fields, in other scales of space and detail, and in revenue streams far far away from the American housing and construction design markets.

And so….. hopeful and uninhibited, I offer a dizzying glimpse of some of my work, some of my ideas, plans, and some of what I’m thankful for- all aboard a mash of video racing from Dockton, to the north-end ferry terminal, to California. If you are prone to motion sickness, consider moving your head back from the screen. Otherwise, enjoy!

Farmstand photo courtesy KLC, Music: John Butler Trio- “Better Than”



  1. Wish I could have seen the video but there is a message that says “This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.” So guess I will just have to be satisfied with your wonderful description of your just completed journey. Love reading your “stuff”, Honey. Love you, too!!!!!

    • Hiya,
      Yeah, that was a startling revelation to me. I grew up around people (Russells, Jeff, et all) setting video to other people’s music. It has always seemed to me to be at the very least, innocent, maybe even complimentary to use other peoples music for non-profit-type fun. Maybe this is a little naive? Maybe I’m just poaching someone else’s art to make my own? That’s what it felt like to be blocked- like a sock in the gut after laboring appreciatively, stitching video intricately into this song which I had purchased enthusiastically only a few days prior.

      Before WMG blocked it from YouTube, it tagged the video and included a link to buy the John Butler Trio song from iTunes. Seems like a good business model to me. It’s a shame to see a music corporation smothering it’s artist’s potential for broadcasting to new audiences. Then again, maybe John Butler himself saw the video and thought it was offensive…

      I spent an unmentionable number of hours making this video, and have heard “Better Than” more than times in the last 48 hours than I care to count. I still love this song and encourage anyone who likes it to buy it and support the artist and paradoxically, to some unknown extent, WMG.

      We’ll see if WordPress’ video posting censors catch up to my infringement mischievousness.

      Thanks always for your support Grandma, I Love You Too!!
      Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  2. Yea!!!!! I just tried to play your video again and guess what? It played!!!!! Don’t know why now and not the other day, but I was so glad that I could watch it. You really worked on that and it shows. Loved watching it and still can’t figure out why the stop was put on it. Oh well, at least I got to see it and hear it. Loved it!!!!!

    Love you,

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