Ship Log

March 22, 2010


“The Earth is a communion of subjects to be revered, not a collection of objects to be exploited.”

– Thomas Berry

Story saturates all “non-living” subjects in the same way it flows through all living beings. For an object to become a subject in our minds, it must first be given the right to have a story and then allowed for it’s story to be told. It is in the telling of each of these stories that the animate gives new life to the seemingly “inanimate” and an important symbiotic relationship is born.

All of our things- our bicycles, our houses, our backbacks or our purses- have a story. Their raw materials formed and were extracted, their form was designed and then crafted, their pedals pushed, their doors opened, their pockets stuffed with value and then toted through our lives. The relationships are complicated- the stories intricate and intertwined. It may seem obtuse or insignificant, but I believe this notion of understanding and telling the “inanimate’s” story is tied directly to what it means to be human. Our lives swim in these stories, our society is awash in them, and yet we rarely tell them or even acknowledge them- much to our unconscious discontent and unwitting peril.

One of a few core reasons for my writing here is to assemble and present the story of a single lively subject- her composition, her characteristics, her travels, and her constant evolution. I will explore the saturation points of her “inanimate” story: where it has spilled over into my own story’s flow, blurring the lines between subject and being. It will be a log, but it may often float more like an iceberg.

Off to the right, the “s/v Bruja Dulce” page will attempt to tell the story of the creation and composition of the vessel, and the Ship Log will index as much of the story afloat as possible. As long as I’m alive I hope to tell this story, though there may be long periods of time when she is still, stood on soft earth, as new chapters develop. The story afloat may continue for decades or centuries after I’m gone, and I hope for all those who tell it that much lies below the surface, for at some level, all things are animate.

If you are a past owner, a past crew-member, or if you have a story related to this Tayana 37, hull #32, please feel free to email them to: thebrujadulce@gmail.com



  1. You are an inspiration! I know what you’re saying and couldn’t agree more – as you know because we’ve talked about this a few times! I look forward to the Bruja Dulce’s ongoing story….and more! Love you….Mom

    • You’ve got it, Mom.
      Thanks for being there with me.
      Love you

  2. I am so excited about all this. You are amazing!!! I am so glad you are going to do this because the “story” needs to be recorded somewhere. This is a huge undertaking, but knowing you, it will get done and will continue to be a success. I look forward to following this story!

    Love you,

  3. This log entry made me think about the existence of “memes”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme

    I look forward to more of the story.

    • Ian! Thank you. I had forgotten about memes.

      I think the first time I heard of them is in this TED Talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/susan_blackmore_on_memes_and_temes.html
      Revisiting this idea of “units of cultural knowledge” and their evolutionary traits really got my mind going.

      I was picking dandelions from my neighbor’s yard yesterday- thousands of them- and it got me thinking about the artificial selection (or deselection) of bad memes -like cultural baggage- and how that might be related to meditation or a search for “clarity”.
      Inspired me to take some crazy footage of the act.

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