Float Plan

April 10, 2010


A float plan is a well-established form of emergency pre-planning for voyages taken on the water. I take the idea seriously, and will be filing float plans both on this site and with loved-ones on land. However, sitting here below decks in my own world of associations, marveling at the series of events that led me to this moment, this place, this unpredictable circumstance, and reeling at the notions of what may be floating over the horizon in the future, an abstract look at the term “float plan” fills me with a feeling of kinship to it’s seeming self-contradiction: float. plan.

The quote, “Not all those who wander are lost” speaks to the same contradiction. Floating yet planning, wandering yet not being lost, being open to possibility and meaning yet being precise about making “good” choices. These contrasting and symbiotic ideas have always been precious to me. And as it turns out, that quote didn’t originate on the back bumper of a VW Microbus following the scent of synchronicity down the highway, but from a poem within a novel by J.R.R. Tolkien. The idea was precious to him, too.

Everyone can have their own ideas about fate and free will and everyone can draw their own conclusions about choice and it’s meaning. The best-laid plans for some may be the wild fringe for others and a meaningful sign to one person may be an mere coincidence to another. The point of diversity in perspectives must be for it to mingle, and evolve. Detailed posts from this Float Plan will be for that- to offer up my process of choosing for minglement- and the log itself will be a potential resource for the Coast Guard.



  1. I am constantly amazed by your writings. I am so thankful that you are going to file a “float plan”. I feel much better now. Good luck on the trip and good luck in finding work, etc. Another adventure on the horizon.

    Love you,

  2. It’s been a while since I “traveled with you”. Sounds like “life” is continuing to be good to you! I’m so in awe of you and your life — what a joy it is! Looking forward to more!

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