Dockton – The Place

April 22, 2010

docktonI’m leaving Dockton today. This means I can begin to wrap my head around all that has happened here in the last eight months. My time here has been nothing less than positively transformational.

It takes a special place to facilitate such change. I am thankful for this park and the people who live and work here. Even in the dead of winter, they give this place life, spunk, and story – sometimes more than I could safely handle.

I’m only beginning to find the words to describe what has happened here. So, as an introduction, to give a sense of this place, I hope these images will offer their 1000 words each:


Here in Dockton the Bruja Dulce and I have been nestled within the winding mud and maple lined shores of Vashon/Maury Island, 15nm SSW from downtown Seattle.

Dockton was the site of the largest shipyard and drydock on the west coast from 1892 to 1909.

Now there is a King County Park with an excellent marina facility and adjacent forest lands which extend well beyond the scope of this official trail map.

A heated washroom with free hot showers is a major attraction.

Whether at the dock, or anchored out in the cove, there’s a lot that’s attractive about this place.

In fact, Dockton has attracted a number of people recently. The arrivals and happenings peaked in early March. This quiet little cove quickly became very interesting this Spring. I learned that interesting is good up to a point. Even when all of your neighbors are kind, engaging, and rich with story, there comes a time to move.

This iteration of the Dockton liveaboard community is over. I am not the only one leaving. There is much to say both about this constantly evolving community as well as the notion of a cove and park like this supporting such a community. It’s all new to me. I’ve had just enough time here to get a feel for the place, get to know the people, have my own (lovely) Vashon Island life experiences, and take a few photos. Now, on to the next place.



  1. all of the daisies! and the sun shining through the windows above the showers! it all looks somehow new and old and still lovely to me. especially love the map of your former neighbors’ homes.. what a community!

  2. I don’t know what happened. I wrote a comment earlier and something happened – guess I did something wrong. So-o-o-o-o, I will try again. I love your pictures of this beautiful place. And it is fun to imagine your life there among all your “friends”. It is also fun to anticipate, along with you, the next phase of your life. I’m anxious to hear about the whole experience. Keep us posted along the way. We are anxious to hear.

    Love you,

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