Hello San Francisco Bay

September 17, 2010

The Bruja and the Golden GateThe Bruja Dulce and Tuatara are now safely anchored in Sausalito, CA after a wild and lovely 7 1/2 day journey south from Washington State. These two giddy sea creatures, clearly thrilled to be at sea, spent the last four days galloping non-stop in a solid 15-25 knot north wind riding 8-10 foot following seas. The ride was like nothing I have ever experienced. The movement was constant and exhilarating, day and night.

As we approached the coast two nights ago, feeling the endless and comforting expansiveness of the open ocean slide to the west- the foggy, heavily trafficked, and rocky California coastline taking it’s place- we careened through the darkness in rising winds which peaked around 2am at (at least) 25 knots- both vessels tracking perfectly parallel, 1 mile apart, making 5 knots with the tiniest of jibs rolled out. The much colder waters (as low as 56 degrees), rose and fell behind us in a powerful and impulsive cadence. Thinking back, the feeling I had while on that midnight watch was similar to those I felt while playing cadences when I was younger- moving ceaselessly forward, in long lines of drums, surrounded by booming crashing sounds and knowing that to fall off, to fall out of time, to miss a beat, would be….bad. That much wind and water may seem intriguingly rhythmical while riding along it, but to face it in any other direction would spell the collapse of the parade, breaking heads, instruments, and players alike.

We were truly fortunate with our timing at all levels. It was worth leaving Neah Bay at night to stay ahead of less fortunate weather. The winds changed behind us- from north to south- all the way down the coast while we rode strong and favorable streams, much to our delight. The final descent to the coast brought us at full speed to the Golden Gate at exactly the desired time to pass under the bridge with the flooding tide and clearing fog. We sailed through this remarkable opening from the sea yesterday afternoon around 3:30pm- my little rainbow colored parafoil kite sailing above us (my cheap waterproof camera tied-on) as we crossed under.

My Dad and I sailed downwind and behind Alcatraz with the kite camera above us taking photographs. The moment for me was, for now, something far beyond description. I grew up around here, and have seen many of the sights, but that afternoon arrival on the bay revealed a beauty and energy which is altogether new to me. I can say that I’m happy to be here. I feel I’m in the right place- at the right time. Tomorrow we will pull the Bruja Dulce into her new slip at Pete’s Harbor Marina in Redwood City.

As the telling of a story is borderline sacred to me, it will be a while before I can fully wrap my words and (many thousands of) photographs around this experience. For now, as regards the well being of both vessels and crew, just know that everything is copacetic.





  1. I know I keep saying this, but I love reading your writings!!!!!! I feel like I was there. And your pictures are absolutely unreal! What a great trip. Keep the blogs coming. I love them!!!!

    • Thanks Grandma! You’re the best. I love you!

  2. See you in a few cuz!

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