Log of drafting work done by this author:


Architectural Projects

Case Design34th Ave Development

  • Schematic and Design Development Model
  • Permit and Construction Drawings
  • Renderings for Marketing/Web

A schematic Sketchup model of this development was in existence when I was hired at Case. By the time this rendering was made, however, the only remnants of the original model were the trees and some of the terrain. It was here that I learned to adore Sketchup.

Case Design14th & Fir Townhouses

  • Schematic and Design Development Model
  • Permit and Construction Drawings
  • Renderings for Marketing/Web

Created complete site, interior, and exterior model using Sketchup to move the project through it’s schematic phase. Leveraged time spent by exporting slices (floor plans and sections) and parallel projections (elevations) to AutoCAD to begin permit drawings.

Case DesignSeattle Residence Remodel

  • Complete “As-Built” Drawing Set
  • Schematic and Design Development Model
  • Permit and Construction Drawings

Drafted the as-built set for this project on site with AutoCAD via laptop. The full interior/exterior/site Sketchup model was effectively used to generate initial drawings for permitting and construction.

Case DesignSouth Winthrop Development

  • Appx 1-square mile schematic Sketchup model
  • Design Review drawings
  • Renderings for Marketing/Web
  • CAD Management of project in ArchiCAD

This very large Sketchup model encompassing the heart of the Rainier Valley Town Center including the planned light-rail station was rendered in Google Earth. The model was created by importing AutoCAD drawings and raster renderings from various Seattle transit authorities.

Case DesignSouth Bennett Development

  • ArchiCAD Building Information Model
  • Permit drawings
  • Renderings for Marketing/Web

One of Case Design’s first projects done entirely using BIM.

Case Design – 3D Details

  • Sketchup/MS Publisher Architectural Details

Many-layered construction details made clear using Sketchup.


Personal Projects

Student Project – Vashon Island Wood Shop

  • AutoCAD 3D Solid Model
  • Rhino Solid Model
  • Plaster Model “Printed” using Zcorp 3D Printer

As-built 3D model of the wood shop I built years ago – see Work Log. Rendered more recently in Sketchup.

Student Project – Truncated Cone Development

  • AutoCAD 2D- Sheet-Metal Development Technique

One of my favorite school projects from a sheet metal drafting class. This is when I began to appreciate AutoCAD as a “graphical calculator”. Construction lines (color) are included in this plot to show the development.

Musical Instrument Project – Resonator Workbench

  • Sketchup design model and “construction drawing”

Electronics workbench for marimba resonator/key experimentation and tuning. A quick design and basic drawing in Sketchup dramatically increases the accuracy, efficiency, and enjoyment in furniture-scale building.

Work/Trade Project – Trailer Shelter

  • Sketchup design model
  • AutoCAD details for precision joinery layout

Sketchup and AutoCAD allowed optimization of this “timber-frame” shelter design using supplied materials and constraints.

Boat Project – Turtle Cover

Turtle Cover Overview

  • 3D Model from Digital Photographs using Photogrammetry Tools
  • Designed using AutoCAD 3D and Sketchup

See the detailed post on this site for more information about this project.

Boat Project – Pole Bending Jig

Making one’s own tools is like growing one’s own food. This little machine worked like a garden-fresh tomato.

Blog Project – Charts and Illustrations


Points of Sail

Many of the diagrams and illustrations on this blog were created using Sketchup, AutoCAD or both. It’s somewhat whimsical work, but it keeps my keyboard and mouse in tune.


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  1. I want to learn more about sketchup.

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