s/v Bruja Dulce

In 1976 the Bruja Dulce rolled out of the Ta Yang shipyard in Taiwan. She is a Tayana 37 full-keeled sailboat with a cutter rig. I have read that Ta Yang means “Big Ocean” in Chinese. The extra “a” on the end to form “Tayana” gives the word a possessive sense: “Belonging to the Big Ocean”.

The Spanish term “Bruja” is the feminine word for witch, or shamanistic spirit. “Dulce” means sweet- so – “Sweet Witch” or “Sweet Spirit” is the simple translation of the whole name. The “Bruja” is a complicated subject just as the English term “witch” is a complicated subject. Your Great Great Aunt might feel very differently about a witch than you do. The Wikipedia has a good article on the subject of the Brujeria, the Bruja, and the Brujo.

Bruja Dulce has been the name of this vessel since it’s creation and I have no intention of renaming it though I may consider informally adding “Maggie” as a surname- inspired by the children’s book “Maggie B.” by Irene Haas.

Tayana 37 specs

Tayana 37 specs and drawing cut from an importer's brochure.

Here’s the brochure this drawing came from. It’s got a nice feel to it that I attribute to the twirly Tayana logo being printed on every page.

Based on the hull ID# it appears that she was commissioned in April of 1976- the same year I was “commissioned”, thankfully there was no bottle broken on my bow, right Mom? She is hull #32 out of 500+ other Tayana 37s built from the mid 70’s to the early 90’s. I have owned her (along with People’s Bank of Seattle) since early February 2007.

Bruja Dulce

The Bruja

cabin plan

Basic cabin layout for the Bruja Dulce. Drawn using Sketchup.


Sails: 125 Genoa, Main Sail, Yankee, Staysail, Cruising Spinnaker
Engine: Isuzu 3AB1 40hp industrial diesel w/Pisces 40 marine conversion
Tankage: 90 Gallons fuel- rusty, heavy, iron tank; 100 Gallons water- newer aluminum tank+ 7 Gallons in hot water heater
Navigation: Furuno Radar, Garmin GPS 125, USB GPS & GPS NavX, Navionics for iPhone
Self-Steering: Raymarine ST4000 MKII autopilot, Monitor Windvane
Communication: iCom IC-M710 SSB HF Radio & Pactor Modem, mounted and handheld VHF radios
Energy Systems: 2 X 55 watt solar panels, 400 watt Air-x wind generator, 80-amp alternator
Other: Technautics engine/AC refrigeration system, Dickinson Newport Diesel Heater, life-raft, EPIRB

Article on Tayana 37s:

Tayana37 “Blue Water Sailing” article



  1. Oh honey – she is such a beauty! And yes – thankfully no bottle was broken on your bow…I would have had to hurt someone if they’d tried! You know me well enough to know that I believe whole-heartedly in synchronicity. I love that she was commissioned the month and year you were. How cool is that!?
    Love ya! Mom

  2. It is neat to have the history of this ship. As pretty as she is, you are much handsomer(if that is a word). Of course, that is because she is as “she” and you are a “he”. Or something like that. Anyway, she is a beauty and I am proud for you.

    Love you! Grandma

    • More history to come, I hope. She is pretty….

  3. Muy bien Huevon………ahora para los trade wind
    te veo en alguna parte del mundo …………don´t stop keep on moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yo no se cuando los vientos alisios que vienen por me, huevon.
      Pero se que voy a verte en Chile!

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